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From: Anna Viola
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 8:15 AM
To: 'Lawrence Galiano'
Cc: Mary Poverchuk; Bill Woo;; Brad Fraser; Telmo Guerreiro
Subject: RE: Kick-Off Conference Call


Brad says you are the PM for this project. Are you able to coordinate this call with all parties involved?


After the above email was sent to Lawrence Galiano, I received a call from him on Friday 10/20 at 8:40AM.  He asked me what the call was going to be for.  When I told him it was to get everyone on the same page about scheduling, and get questions answered, figure out who points of contact are, he told me that he was definitely the POC for everything hardware related.  He is in charge of the hardware install.

He also said that Brad Fraser had called him asking him if he could be the POC for Pharmapacks because he is the only one in Long Island.  He said he was 15 minutes away from the site and that no one else is by Pharmapacks.  Telmo is in CT and Mary Poverchuck is in MA.  

I then asked him:  "Later down the line, there will have to be conference calls, meeting minutes–who is going to be sending those out?  If we need someone to get everyone together and figure out everyone's schedule, who will be doing that?"

Lawrence said that Brad Fraser would be the primary contact for this, that Brad is the account manager and therefore he will be that go-to person; but that if we had any questions about the hardware side, he was that person.  And for software it is Telmo.   



Client - JDE Call Failed

CN04-142 AA111110ELC ZZ111110ELC TT=1:30 CT=USER ISSUE

Michael called he said they were receiving JDE Call Failed message on the RF Guns. I logged onto Walcars and checked the shared permissions on the R:\, that looked good, so the next step would be to reboot the Middleware on Walicars and Walicar3, I notified Sean and let him know I would be restarting the middleware. I logged onto Walicar3 to prepare for this and found no middleware running. I started the middleware and called Michael, he said the RF Guns were up and then went right back down again. I restarted the middleware on Walicars and Walicar3, the RF Guns were back up again.

Sean called again, the RF Guns were down again saying no server response, I logged onto Walicars tried to Telnet to Walicars and received the message Connection to host lost. I emailed Mark, Greg, Rodney, Robert.
Greg emailed me back and asked me to reboot the cluster. I notified Sean that this will affect everyone.

Cluster has been rebooted. Connection to host has been re-established, please see figure 1.

RF Guns and Audit Stations are back up.

Figure 1.


Cluster re-booted, connection re-established.