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Client - JDE Call Failed

CN04-142 AA111110ELC ZZ111110ELC TT=1:30 CT=USER ISSUE

Michael called he said they were receiving JDE Call Failed message on the RF Guns. I logged onto Walcars and checked the shared permissions on the R:\, that looked good, so the next step would be to reboot the Middleware on Walicars and Walicar3, I notified Sean and let him know I would be restarting the middleware. I logged onto Walicar3 to prepare for this and found no middleware running. I started the middleware and called Michael, he said the RF Guns were up and then went right back down again. I restarted the middleware on Walicars and Walicar3, the RF Guns were back up again.

Sean called again, the RF Guns were down again saying no server response, I logged onto Walicars tried to Telnet to Walicars and received the message Connection to host lost. I emailed Mark, Greg, Rodney, Robert.
Greg emailed me back and asked me to reboot the cluster. I notified Sean that this will affect everyone.

Cluster has been rebooted. Connection to host has been re-established, please see figure 1.

RF Guns and Audit Stations are back up.

Figure 1.


Cluster re-booted, connection re-established.