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  • Launch DoveTrack application
  • Log in with a supervisor account that has access to update users.
    • login name: Supervisor
    • or a login that is part of the SUPERVISOR GROUP.
  • From the File drop-down menu, select 'Close Application'. The names of the menus will change.

To add a User and grant rights to the User:

  • From the Options > Settings drop-down menu, select 'User Ids' .


  • To open a new entry in the User Ids table. Go to "Create".


  • Fill in the User ID, User Name.
    • User ID will be used to log into DoveTrack.  Use full name in the User Name field.
  • Passwords are optional. To set up a password for a user, move the cursor to the Password field.
    • To open the 'Enter New Password' window, press F5. Type the desired password, and press ENTER. You will then be prompted to retype the password. Do so, and press ENTER.
    • The presence of a password for the user is indicated by '•••••••••••••••' in the Password column.
      • If a user other than SUPERVISOR opens the 'User Ids' table, they will only see their own entry, and only be able to modify the Password field using the steps just described.

        Note: Repeat the steps above for as many users as are needed.


  • Move the cursor to the Groups column. The number in this column indicates the number of group of which this user is a member, not the identifying number of any particular group.
  • To add an entry to the 'Groups of' table, from the Edit menu press 'Create'. To open the 'Groups of' window for the user, double click or press F5.


  • Highlight the desired Group, and press 'Select' or double click.
    • The Group Number and Name will be transferred back to the user's 'Groups of' list.


  • Repeat the steps above for as many Groups as are to be associated with the User.
  • To close the 'Groups of' list for the user, press 'OK'.
  • If desired, users may be granted rights directly rather than via a group. Move the cursor to the Rights column of the User Id record, to open the 'Rights of' table for the user, press F5 or double click.
    • Follow the steps described for adding rights to a group to add rights to this table. Press 'OK' when all required rights have been added to the table.
  • To close the 'User Ids' table, press 'OK'.


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