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The Browse programs under the Utilities menu allow an operator to view and modify data in various database tables. These utilities are displayed in Query mode only, meaning that only with appropriate rights may an operator create, delete and modify records within the tables. The utilities have been specially created to allow the user to see data across linked or corresponding tables. For instance, the location query displays data not only in the location header but the corresponding location details for that location. 
Links to other tables have also been included in some of the displays. For instance, while browsing the location table, you may click on a button to view the part master information for the part within the location. 
To easily find a record, the operator can start typing the first few characters of the wanted record. Note: Magic is case-sensitive. Also, the basic functions of sorting, locating a record and selecting a range of records, within Magic may be used to manipulate the data seen in these views. 
You can manipulate the data in the table by choosing various options from the "Options" menu or its associated Ctrl character. For instance, if you want to sort the records you can choose sort or Ctrl-S. The sort screen will be presented that will allow you to choose the sort option for the text. To select a field(s) to sort on you need to hit F4 to create a blank record in the sort table criteria. Then you can click on the field you wish to sort on. Repeat the steps to add additional fields to sort on. You can change the criteria of the sort from ascending to descending by clicking in that field. 
Another useful feature is "RangeofRecords." This option allows you to input a starting and ending criteria, for one of the fields in the table you are browsing. When you select this option, tab to the field you wish to use as your range criteria. Enter the starting or "Range From" criteria and hit F8, this will switch you to "Range To" criteria. Escape will get you out of this screen and you will receive a confirmation message to perform the action. The browse will change to display only those records that fall within your range criteria. This is very helpful if you need to run reports based only on a range of records.

You can also select other options. Locate a record (Ctrl L), Locate next (Ctrl N) or View by Key (Ctrl K). View by key allows you to change the key of the browse to another field.

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