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Review cycle counts is used by supervisor to compare actual counts to those in the DoveTrack database (expected counts). Supervisor can choose to have selected locations recounted or have the database updated with the actual counts.  
Select Review Cycle Counts in the Supervisor menu. 
The Review Cycle Counts window appears. This window has three buttons:

    1. Review button displays a list of currently active cycle counts.
    2. Delete button clears all current cycle count locations.
    3. Apply button replaces DoveTrack quantities with actual quantities, if they exist, and deletes all current cycle counts. If actual quantity does not exist. 
      Click the Review button.

The Review window appears, displaying the location, actual (counted) quantity, quantity on hand (database quantity), allocated quantity, and expected quantity for each requested cycle count. The part number, and part description are also shown for the currently selected count record. 
If the location being reviewed had any activity since it was cycle counted, a message will display notifying the supervisor of this.  It is up to the supervisor to adjust the quantity correctly or select the location(s) for recount. **IMPORTANT NOTE*** Uncompleted cycle counts will put an allocation hold on the location.  All cycle counts must be completed (counted, applied or deleted) prior to allocations.

Review the list and make changes as needed: 
The actual quantity may be changed directly in this window. 
A recount of any location may be requested by selecting that location and clicking the Recount button. After reviewing the cycle counts, making adjustments, or selecting recounts, click the Exit button. A Cycle Count Recount list is displayed and may be printed if you specified any recounts and you'll be returned to the Review Cycle Counts window.
 Click the Apply button. The quantity in each location will be adjusted to the actual quantity and the location will be deleted from the cycle count review list. If the location has not been counted and there is no actual quantity, the location will be retained in the cycle count queue.  When the program is done updating the locations you will see a message "adjustments complete."

Cycle Count Report

There is a report of cycle count activity available on the Utilities menu. This report includes cycle counts that were applied within a specified range of dates. It includes the date the cycle count was applied, part number, location, expected quantity, and counted quantity. 

The report is called Daily Cycle Count Activity.  You are prompted to enter a start date and end date.  The report output is as follows: 

  • None