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Bin Activity Report

This report lists all Dove Track locations and the number of picks, number of stocks, and number of counts performed at that location during the report period.

Pick Shortage Report

This report lists picks that could not be completed because of inadequate inventory (short picks) during the report period. The order number, part number, host location, shorted quantity, date, and time are displayed for each pick. The shorted quantity is the difference between order quantity and actual picked quantity.

Operator Stats Report

This report shows productivity statistics during the report period. The report consists of two (2) parts. The first shows the number of picks (PIK), receipts (REC), and audit counts (AUD) performed by each operator. The second shows the number of picks (PIK), receipts (REC), and audit counts (AUD) performed at each workstation.

Consolidated Manifest

This report shows all the part numbers, locations, ordered quantities, and picked quantities for a specific order. There is no date range. The user is prompted for an order number, which may be selected from a pull down list of orders.

Device Distribution Report

This report displays the distribution of work across workstations and across carousels for each workstation. The user selects a date range and a transaction type (Pick, Stock, or Count) and clicks an OK button:

The report shows the number of transactions performed at each carousel and workstation. For each carousel, the percent of total work and percent of work for the appropriate workstation are also shown. The percent of total work performed at each workstation is also shown.  

Sample Device Distribution Report

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