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This is user-level documentation of this feature.
For technical information, see WCS5 ABCcyclecounts
For site-specific documentation, see the As Built for that customer (e.g., Siemens ABC Cycle Counts

Global ABC Settings

Global settings are site-specific and once configured, should not need to be changed.

These values are used when a new fiscal year is set up. They do not affect day-to-day operations unless there is customer-specific features to do so. 

Fiscal Year Start Date

This is the month and day of the first day of the fiscal year. 

Percentage of Total Value

Current Settings

These values are used in day-day-operation:

Change Number of Holidays

The number of remaining holidays is used to project the number of counts that must be completed each workday for all cycle counts to be completed by the target date. A supervisor should decrement this value after each holiday.

Start New Quarter

The Start New Quarter button will be enabled if the current date is on or after the end date of the current quarter and the start quarter method is set to manual.

When pressed to start the second quarter, all class A parts will be set as uncounted. 

When pressed to start the third quarter, all class A and B parts will be set as uncounted. 

When pressed to start the fourth quarter, all class A parts will be set as uncounted.

Start New Year

If the current quarter is 4, the "Start New Quarter" button changes to the "Start New Year" button. If the current date is greater than the 4th quarter end date and the start year method is set to manual, this button is enabled. When enabled, clicking this button does the following:

  1. Prompts user for confirmation that they really want to recalculate the cycle count data.
  2. Archives current part data
  3. Increments the fiscal year
  4. Calculates the end dates for each quarter
  5. Resets the numbers of holidays for each quarter to the global settings values
  6. Calls customer-specific program to populate the ABC_cyclecount_parts table
  7. Reclassifies the parts based on the data from Step 6

Creation of ABC_cyclecount_parts record for start of a new year:

  1. Create list parts with inventory
  2. Get the cost of each part

Both of these steps call customer-specific programs in the Labels component

Create Cycle Counts

Review Cycle Counts

When running the ABC Review Cycle Counts program, the Cycle Count Orders screen appears. Initially, this screen only shows orders for the current user:

To see cycle counts for other users, click the "Show from all users" checkbox:

Select the batch to review and press Enter. The Locations for Batch screen opens, showing the locations with cycle counts in the selected batch:

  • None