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Boilerplate text for proposals and quotations

For use by systems integrators, equipment dealers, and consultants

PURPOSE — The textual content of this section is designed to aid the preparation of proposals for projects specifying Dove Tree WCS software

AUTHORIZATION — You may borrow and incorporate into your proposal any textual content that applies to your project, and exclude any content that does not apply.  However, do not modify any of the borrowed content without consulting Dove Tree and getting its approval.

DOWNLOAD OPTIONS — You may download any page of this section as a PDF or MSWord file, whichever is more convenient.  Choose either "Export to PDF" or "Export to Word" under the TOOLS menu located in the upper-right corner of this screen.

MORE SUPPORT — If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact us at Dove Tree.

WCS Functionality

WCS One Page Overview

This is a single page summary of WCS features

WCS Executive Overview

A more comprehensive overview of WCS. Every feature is touched on briefly. More for the executive who wants a quick read.

WCS Requirements Specifications

This page is used by you to ask questions that will help Dove Tree provide an accurate quote.

WCS Portable Terminals

Portable Terminals is the more correct term than RF units. Today's portable terminals are now WiFi enabled using Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating systems. The difference between manufacturer's is now based on hardware. the software is all the same.

User Guides

User guides are available for your inclusion. We recommend that these be exported as PDFs and included with your proposal. These online user guides are intended to help operators, supervisors, and technical personnel perform certain periodic tasks and handle special situations---e.g., preparing for physical inventory counts, or adding/deleted parts and locations. Many of the written procedures include screen shots for visual reference.

DoveTrack WCS Dashboard

If you are quoting our Dashboard, this PDF should be included. Even if you are not quoting the Dashboard, include the PDF anyway, to give your client of what they can purchase in the future.

For the client's IT staff

There may be IT staff that is interested in the nuts and bolts part of WCS. Use these sections.

WCS Virtualization Platforms

Virtualization is how companies save money when purchasing server hardware. Virtualization saves the IT staff time when it comes to maintenance and control. If a user ever loads a virus into a virtualized PC, that PC can be redeployed in minutes without touching the client hardware.

WCS uniPaaS

This page talks about the development platform we use. There use to be much discussion about what program language is used, but that has not been as prevalent in the last 5 years. IT staffs are just too busy to worry about. If the question comes up about how do they take over, should they want to customize the application. We recommend against this, but if it comes up the uniPaaS developer license is currently $7,000 for a single developer.

WCS Rich Internet Applications

DoveTrack WCS Dashboard and RF modules are deployed using the RIA architecture. This is the modern way to deploy software in the world of cloud computing and mobile hardware whether being phones or rugged terminals for use in the warehouse.

Source Code Deposit and Release Event

We leave the source on the client's server. Should Dove Tree to cease business or decide to go into game software (wink) , the release event is triggered. Simple language and simple execution without the need for paying a third party to hold the source code. We believe that if a client can afford to purchase a system from you, they are not going to risk the possibility of a law suit.

WCS Computer Hardware and Software Recommendations

These are the minimum hardware specs for HP products. If the client purchases computer hardware, these specs are typically too low for corporate standards. The best response for a small system, 2-4 workstations is

  • Get the minimal desktop PC that comes with a serial port.
  • Get the minimal server class hardware that will run the Windows server of your choice.
  • None