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DoveTrack™ Advanced Picking and Putway 

DoveTrack WMS v4 supports an extensive array of into and out of warehouse functionality.
Into warehouse is simple the business process that increases inventory levels of WMS controlled locations. Out of are the business processes that decrease inventory levels of WMS controlled locations.

Customer requirements dictate which utility programs are enabled on their menus.


Putaway Queueing-TXP


Bin to Bin Move
Bulk Pick Confirmation
Cancel Dynamic Batch-Bulk
Confirm Bulk Pick
Confirm Transfer Putaway
Create Cycle Counts by Locn
Create Dock to Stock Totes
Hot Putaway Hand Locn
Manual Dock to Stock Transfer
One Sided Stocking
One Sided Pick
Process Batch
Putaway Queueing
Review Dock to Stock Transfers
Review Cycle Counts
Restock/Replenish Carousel
Rotate by Description/PartNum
Stat Pick - Queue
Transfer Putaway Queueing
Transfer Putaway Queueing Tote
Create Dynamic Batch-Bulk RF

Dynamic batching allows the workstation operator to select and group the orders together at the workstation. Batch size, determined by system settings, can be 8, 12 or 16. System settings determine when allocation is performed so the operator may be selecting allocated or unallocated orders. Upon completion of the selection, the picks are sorted for optimal carousel rotation. This sorting is called "round robin sorting." Round robin sorting ensures picks are presented from alternating carousels to drastically limit wait time by the operator. In multi-level workstation, upper level picks are presented first as determined by the "max lower shelf" setting in the zone configuration table. Along with light-directed picking, DoveTrack WMS V4 contains remote task complete functionality to allow the operator to complete each pick away from the workstation keyboard. Batch processing may be suspended to perform other functions. When the operator is ready to resume the batch, DoveTrack WMS V4 automatically resumes the batch.

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