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Section:  Supervisor and Operator Guide
Topic:  Consolidate Locations

Procedure Number: 12-149


This program walks you through the steps on how to consolidate multiple locations.


1. Issue Parts
1a. Use Cycle count by part number
1b. Use Hot Pick by part number
2. Using Location Viewer to Manipulate Locations in Database
3. Using Part Browse
4. Perform Hot Putaway by Part

1. Issue Parts

There are several methods of issuing parts.
The choice will depend upon your site implementation and consideration on how the quantity change will affect your hosts inventory levels.

1a. Use Create Cycle Counts work instruction to queue up cycle counts WCS5 RIA - Create Cycle Counts. When it comes time to count zero the inventory and then apply system counts.
1b. Use Hot Pick By Part Number work instruction to queue up all locations for part number 12-127 WCS5 Open Client - Hot Pick by Part Number. Pick the entire quantity for each location queued.

3. Using Location Viewer to Manipulate Locations in Database

Use Location Viewer work instruction WCS5 RIA - Location Viewer
The example below shows how to take multiple locations for a single carousel shelf, shelf 3, and leave only one.
This one location cell_size and pref_code are changed to reflect physical size.
The example also shows how to set the shelf level to match the desired light tree display that will turn on for shelf.
For example if the shelf is at the bottom of the carousel bin and is tall enough to span four light tree displays, making the shelf 1 will turn on light tree display 1. For operator productivity, it is better to use a light tree display that is near the middle of the entire opening, let's say display 3. Make the shelf, in the database, 3 will turn on display 3 during carousel transactions.

A. Delete all locations in the target carousel carrier.
B. Leave only one location that is for shelf 3. This will make the 3rd light tree display turn on during a pick or putaway.
C. Enter the part_number for the location
D. Flag the location Yes for dedicated.
E. Set the max_cell_quantity
F. Change the cell_size to H
G. Change the pref_code to 1

4. Using Part Browse

Use Part Browse work instructions WCS5 RIA - Part Browse
A. Change the cell_size to H
B. Change the pref_code to 1
C. Set the max_cell_quantity
D. Set the max zone quantity
E. Set storage_rule to F for FIFO

5. Perform Hot Putaway by Part

Use work instructions Hot Putaway by Part Hot Putaway - Part to putaway the desired quantity.

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