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Section:  Supervisor and Operator Guide
Topic:  Rear Stocking

Procedure Number: 11-121



These are the basic steps for Rear Stocking

1. Select Rear Putaway and login
2. Create / Setup new Batch
3. Process Batch

1. Select Rear Putaway and login

From the main menu select Rear Putaway.
See figure 1.

Figure 1.

Type Username and press Enter button.
See figure 2.

Figure 2.

Type Password press Enter on the keyboard.
See figure 3.

Figure 3.

If username and password are invalid you will receive an error message, please try again or see your Supervisor.
See figure 4.

Figure 4.

If a batch was previously started and aborted, DoveTrack will prompt to Continue or Clear the batch.
See figure 5.

Figure 5.

2. Create / Setup new Batch

There are three types of Putaway in NTS:# Returns

  1. Replen
  2. Receiving
    Operator will select which type of Putaway Batch is to be performed. 
    Only one type of Putaway can be processed in each Putaway batch.
    See figure 6.

Figure 6.

Operator will begin setting up a Putway batch by scanning in ULL's (Order Numbers).

There will be a ULL barcode on each putaway label.
See figure 7.

Figure 7.

If the Item for the corresponding ULL is not in the DoveTrack Part Master, the supervisor should be notified.
See figure 8.

Figure 8.

If the ULL scanned is for a different zone, the correct zone the ULL should be scanned into will be displayed.
See figure 9.

Figure 9.

If the Max Cell Quantity is less than the case quantity for the part associated with the scanned ULL, DoveTrack is unable to determine how much of the product to stock into a location.  The supervisor must be notified to correct either the Max Cell Quantity in the Part Master or the Case Quantity in NTS.
See figure 10.

Figure 10.

When each ULL is scanned, the operator will be directed to place the ULL in one of twelve position from right to left.  If a sortbar has been installed, the corresponding position will illuminate on the sortbar.
See figure 11a.

Figure 11a

When multiple ULLs with the same part number are scanned, the operator will be directed to place the product in the same position on the sortbar and the position counter will incriment.  See Figure 11b.

Figure 11b

When a ULL is scanned for a different part, the next position will illumiate where the product is to be placed.
When all ULLs are scanned in, the operator can press the Enter button on the keyboard to begin processing the batch.

If at any point the operator needs to clear the last position, the SF1 barcode can be scanned or the operator can type in the value SF1 in place of a ULL.
See figure 12.

Figure 12.

3. Process Batch

When the batch begins, each carousels will preposition to the next location to be presented.
The first location will be displayed for Location validation.  If a light tree exists, the light tree will illuminate telling the operator which carousel to stock into based on the arrow, the shelf to stock into basaed on which shelf is lit and the position and quantity on the shelf's light panel.

The operator will scan the location barcode to validate that the presented location is correct.
See figure 13.

Figure 13.

If the incorrect location is scanned, the operator will be notifed.  The operator scan scan or type SF1 to reposition the carousel.
See figure 14.

Figure 14.

When the location validation is successful, the operator will scan the ULL to confirm the correct item(s) are being placed into the carousel.

The sortbar will tell the operator which position and how many parts to put away.
See figure 15.

Figure 15.

When all ULLs are scanned into the location, the next location will be presented.
See figure 18.

Figure 18.

To retry rotating a carousel, type SF1 or scan SF1 barcode.
See figure 19.

Figure 19.

Operator can type ESC or scan ESC barcode at any point to abort out of the putaway batch.
See figure 20.

Figure 20.

After Each ULL is scanned, the operator will Scan or type SF4 to validate the putaway was complete. See figure 21.

The next location for the same part or for a new part will be presented.

The Location and ULL scanning will continue until all putaways have been completed.

Figure 21.

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