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Section:  Supervisor and Operator Guide
Topic:  Cycle Count - Save Unprocessed Locations

Procedure Number: 11-120


This program allows a supervisor to create cycle counts for a given range of locations. It also can create cycle counts for locations outside the range but containing parts that are in locations within the range.


The three basic steps for Cycle Counts are:

1. Create Cycle Counts for all Location in Warehouse
2. Perform and review cycle counts
3. Saved locations

1. Create Cycle Counts for all Location in Warehouse

The Supervisor enters a starting (From) location and an ending (To) location and then clicks on Create Counts. Cycle counts will be created for all locations within the range, including the From and To locations. After clicking the Create Counts button, the number of counts created is displayed and a cycle count order is generated. The supervisor should notify the workstation operators that counts are ready to process at the workstations.

If the "Restrict to Location Range Entered" box is not checked, cycle counts will also be created for all location parts that are also in locations within the specified range.

If the "count unassigned locations?" box is checked, cycle counts will be created for any locations within the range that are not currently assigned a part number.

See figure 1.

If there are saved cycle counts, figure 3 will appear.


Figure 1.

2. Perform and review cycle counts

A list of saved locations is created when the Apply Cycle Counts option is selected from the Review Cycle Counts program.

a. Only cycle counts that have not been performed are saved.
b. The cycle counts for these saved locations are deleted.
c. Cycle counts that have been completed are applied and deleted as part of the Apply process.
d. After the Apply Cycle Counts process is run, there will be no pending cycle counts to prevent locations from being allocated for picking.
See figure 2.

Figure 2.

3. Saved locations

a. If the screen says No Saved Cycle Counts Exist, then all locations have been cycle counted.
b. Pressing Yes then restores the cycle counts for the saved locations and deletes from save list.
c. Pressing No then deletes the saved locations.
d. Any cycle counts created by the selected Create Cycle Count program are merged in with restored cycle counts.
See figure 3.

Figure 3.

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