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Section:  Supervisor and Operator Guide
Topic:  Research Locations

Procedure Number: 11-113


This guide will provide you with step by step instructions on how to research locations in DoveTrack


Select Location Viewer/Browser from either the drop down menu or on screen button.
The location will vary depending on your customized cover program.

The four basic steps for researching locations are:

  1. Location Viewer/Browser Overview
  2. Finding Locations of interest
  3. Empty Locations
  4. Edit Locations

1. Location Viewer/Browser Overview.

This browse sorts the locations by Location and then displays the Part Number. As you scroll through locations the QOH will change to show you how much is currently on hand. See figure 1.

Part Details - To view the Part details of a location select a location then click on Part Details. This will show the operator the Part Master information for the part in the location. If the button is dimmed, the part master does not exist; this is a problem. See 09-108 Adding a Part to DoveTrack.

All Locations - View ALL the locations where a part resides:
Click on desired part number,then click on ALL Locations.

Loc Det Log - The location detail log is a history of transactions occurring for the location.
This shows the insert, update and delete records for that location detail. When a location detail is created (part assigned to a location), the type is I. When an update occurs, values before the update are type E and after the update are type N. When the location detail is deleted, the type is D.

  • If allocations exist for a location (picking), the allocation record(s) can be viewed by clicking the Allocation button.
  • If expected records exist (putaway) for a location, the expected records(s) can be viewed by clicking the Expected button.

Exit Location - exit program. Same as clicking X

Figure 1.

2. Finding Locations of interest.

The basic steps for narrowing the range of locations

  1. By Location or range of locations
  2. By cell size and or pref code
  3. By Part Number
  4. By empty location

This option allows you to input a starting and ending criteria, for one of the fields in the table you are browsing. When you select this option, tab to the field you wish to use as your range criteria.
Enter the starting or "Range From" criteria and hit F8, this will move you to "Range To" criteria.
Escape will get you out of this screen and you will receive a confirmation message to perform the action.
The browse will change to display only those records that fall within your range criteria. This is very helpful if you need to run reports based only on a range of records.
You can also select other options:

  • Locate a record (Ctrl L)
  • Locate next (Ctrl N)
  • View by Key (Ctrl K). View by key allows you to change the key of the browse to another field.
    See figure 2.

Figure 2.

3. Adding and Deleting Locations

Note: Use the three following features with caution as they make permanent changes to the production database and can affect quantities

See figure 3.

Delete Location - The operator can delete a location if the location does not have a part number. Use when you want to hand delete a location. See 09-111 Delete a Location from DoveTrack

Add Location - The operator can add a location to the database. Use when you want to hand enter a new location. See 09-110 Adding a Location to DoveTrack

Clear Location - The operator also has the ability to clear a location if there is no quantity on hand and no allocated or expected quantity.

Figure 3.

4. Edit Locations

Modify Records - If the operator has the MODIFY rights, the operator will be able to select the Modify option from the Edit menu (or press CTRL+M)
If the operator does not have the MODIFY rights, the Modify option will be disabled.
Once in Modify mode, operator can edit any Location in the Database.
See figure 4.

Figure 4.

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