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Section:  Supervisor and Operator Guide
Topic:  Complete Picks at Audit Station

Procedure Number: 09-125



This guide will walk you through how to complete picks at the Audit Station should the auditor decide an Emergency Replen or Force Complete Order should be performed on an item.



DoveTrack will provide three programs for the auditor to complete picks at Audit Station.

1. Emergency Replen - Auditor completes pick
2. Force Complete Order
3. Adjust Picked Quantity
4. Pack Consolidation


1. Emergency Replen - Auditor completes pick

If auditor decides to Emergency Replen, the report will be printed and handed to a runner once the product if found elseware in the warehouse. see 09-124 Audit - Check Orders

Runner will go to that zone and cyclecount the location (after physically placing product in location) using the provided Sequence number see 09-123 Unplanned Cycle Counts

Auditor then completes the pick see 09-120 Setup Batch for Picking







2. Force Complete Order

If the auditor decides to short that pick, once the auditing for that order is done, the auditor will Force Complete the order.
From the Audit menu click on Force Complete Scan or enter the ULL and press enter on the keyboard.
See figure 1.

Figure 1.


In the pop up message the Order Status is displayed, you are asked to confirm this action by clicking YES to continue.

See figure 2.

Figure 2.


You scan or enter another ULL or press esc on your keyboard to exit.

See figure 3.

Figure 3.

3. Adjust Picked Quantity

From the main menu click on Audit > Adjust Picked Quantity.
Scan or enter the part number and press enter on the keyboard.
See figure 4.

Figure 4.


Click on the desired part number and press enter on the keyboard.
See figure 5.

Figure 5.


The New Pick Quantity screen will be presented,details of the order/part number will be displayed.
In the drop down menu next to Reason Code select what best describes the reason for the adjustment.
In the New Picked Quantity field change the quantity, click on the Confirm button to complete this task.
See figure 6.

Figure 6.

4. Pack Consolidation

When you select the Pack Consolidation program you will need to logon, enter your User ID and Password and click Logon.
See figure 7.

Figure 7.


Operator will scan ULL
See figure 8.



  • If Order is complete then Packing slip will print, Operator will place packing slip in tote.


  • If Order is not complete then a Report will print, Operator will be notified to take Tote to Audit station.
    Operator will place report in tote.

Figure 8.

  • None