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Section:  Supervisor and Operator Guide
Topic:  Audit - Check Orders

Procedure Number: 09-124


This guide teaches how to research Orders in Dove Track. Within the guide, you will learn how to research Order issues using the Emergency Replen and Browse Order programs to determine what action to be taken to complete the Order.


There are two programs to help the auditor research Order issues in DoveTrack.

1. Emergency Replen - Audit
2. Browse Orders

1. Emergency Replen - Audit

In the main menu choose Audit.
See figure 1.

Figure 1.

At Audit Station, auditor uses the following program to research ULL's.

From the DoveTrack Audit Menu, select Emergency Replen - Audit. Auditor enters the Tote ULL and presses Report button.
See figure 2.

Figure 2.

Preview print displays the necessary information to complete the order.

  • If there are items under Open Details, the item has not yet been picked. This could be because the pick was not performed, there is no QOH or a cycle count exists.
  • If the item has been allocated, but not yet picked, there will be a corresponding Allocations Remaining line in the report.
  • If there is no QOH, there will not be a corresponding Locations for Open Details line in the report.
  • If a cycle count exists, there will be a corresponding Cycle Counts for Open Details line in the report.
    See figure 3.

Figure 3.

2. Browse Orders

On the main menu click on Utilities > Orders > Browse Orders

See figure 4.

Figure 4.

This is a browse of all orders and order lines. The Orders status may be Downloaded, Active, on Hold, or Completed. You can see the order details of a particular order by highlighting the order header. As you highlight each order header, the order details are shown below.
To browse or scroll in the order detail you need to click into the lower portion of the screen. From the order details you can look at allocations and/or expected records. You may also check inventory locations for the orders by clicking on the "Show Inv" button.
See figure 5.

Figure 5

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