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Section:  Operator Guide
Topic:  Change Part Information

Procedure Number:  09-114


This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to change part information.


There are four steps to Change Part Information:

1. Access Part Master
2. Understanding the Part Master
3. Enter Modify Mode
3. Modify Part Information

1. Access Part Master

  • To open the Part Master, click on "Utilities"
  • Click on "Parts"
  • Click on "Browse Part Master"
    See figure 1.

Figure 1.

2. Understanding the Part Master

  • The Part Master Window should open up as shown.
    See figure 2.

Figure 2.

The part master allows the operator to browse through every Part in the system.
The operator can, among other things, view the Cell Size, Max Cell Qty, QOH, and a description of the part. From this utility, the locations for a part can be viewed and a new part can be entered into the system.

The fields in the part master are:



Part Number

"Name" of part. A text string of up to 40 characters


Text string of up to 40 characters

Cell Size

Single character designation of what size locations part is to be assigned.  This must correspond to the cell sizes in the location table.

Pref Code

Single character designation further limiting the locations to which a part may be assigned. Usually designates position rather than size.

Pref Zone

Number indicating zone. A part may be stored in more than one zone. There must be one and only one Part Master record for each part/zone combination.

Max Cell Qty

Maximum number of pieces to put in a single location

Unit of Measure

Unit of measure (e.g., 'EA')

Storage Rule

T (Topff), F (FIFO), or N (Nosplit Topoff)  - Topoff will add to an existing location - Fifo will always find an empty location for each new stocking transaction.  Nosplit Topoff will topoff an existing location only if the entire stocking quantity can fit into the existing location.

Replen Trigger for Zone

Minimum quantity allowed before part must be replenished from stock in secondary zone.

Pieces per Case

Number of items in a case. Used if full cases are to be picked from secondary zone and individual pieces from primary zone. This option may be turned off by setting the value to 0.

Multiple Sec Parts in Loc

Flag specifying whether a single location may contain more than one secondary part number. The interpretation of secondary part number is implementation specific

Expiration Sensitive

Flag specifying whether expiration dates should be tracked for this part. If so, an expiration date must be provided whenever the part is brought into the system. To keep expiration dates from being comingled in a location, expiration sensitive parts should have storage rule set to F (FIFO). For expiration sensitive parts, the oldest stock is allocated for picking.

Pick Fence Quantity

Smallest pick for part that may be made from carousel If an order quantity exceeds this values, the pick is made from a bulk location. May be turned off by setting the value to 0.

Zone Max Quantity

Maximum quantity of part in this zone.

Secondary Zone Flag

If True, indicates that this is the secondary zone. (See Replen Trigger for Zone, Pieces per Case, and Pick Fence Quantity)

Lot Controlled

Flag specifying whether lot numbers should be tracked for part. If so, lot number must be provided whenever part is brought into the system. Lot numbers are not mixed in a single location.

Piece Weight

Weight of a single pick unit.

Piece Weight UOM

Unit of measure for the Piece Wight

No Topoff Days

Number of days for which the location may still be topped off. After this period has elapsed, inventory will no longer be added to a location.

3. Enter Modify Mode

  1. Enter Modify Mode:
    1. Press Ctrl+M or navigate to the Options menu and select Modify Records

See figure 3.

Figure 3.

4. Modify Part Information

  • Locate and click on the cell you would like to change and make the modification. Continue until all cells to be changed are completed.
  • When completed, click the "Exit" button to return to the main menu.
    See figure 4.

Figure 4.


If either Max Cell Qty or Zone Max Quantity are zero, DoveTrack cannot stock automatically, you must use Hot Stock Manual location selection.

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